New technology smartens up Henley RFC

Now that Henley RFC has got the latest EPoS technology from MHS Group, membership secretary Martin Bidlake-Corser is transforming the way the members can enjoy their club. (read more)

Alongside their new clubhouse opening in September, Henley RFC Chairman Mike Trethewey is delighted to announce the club’s invested in some exciting new technology that’s helping the club work a whole lot smarter for the benefit of its members.

As Mike explains, “Take just one example: if you’re a member of Henley RFC, and you’re coming to one of our match days, or just to visit and relax in our newly refurbished clubhouse and restaurant, you can now use your smartphone, tablet or PC to top up your bar account in advance. How many other rugby clubs can let their members do that?”

Working closely with the MHS Group, Henley RFC is proud to be the first rugby club to implement this exciting new feature for their members. Technically speaking, it’s an on-line top up capability that’s been added to the electronic point of sale (EPoS) and loyalty card system, and made accessible through their secure membership portal, and it’s all thanks to the club’s investment in technology.


Making modern technology work much harder for the club

Driven by his aim of working smarter not harder and using MHS Group’s technology, Membership Secretary Martin Bidlake-Corser is not only transforming the way a modern rugby club is run, but is creating new ways in which Henley RFC’s members can enjoy their relationship with this thriving club.

With over 600 members including 422 mini and junior members, getting the right membership solution has been critical. The most important requirement of the loyalty card system was that the design was flexible and scalable enough to work with the club’s existing database and website, while offering further potential.

Martin explained, “The reason we chose MHS Group was not just their comprehensive EPOS and Loyalty Card offering, but because they really understood what we wanted to achieve in the longer term. We want to harness technology to enhance the membership experience as well as drive efficiencies – working smarter not harder”.

“Our club now deploys technology that does everything we need to manage our membership. For example, by generating e-mail notifications from our database, I can also make sure that the status of every new Mini, Junior and playing member is automatically sent to their team coaches. That alone makes a huge difference to our coaching and match organisation.”


Topping up bar cards for those pre and post-match drinks, whenever, wherever

Martin continues, “As part of the integrated membership platform, the new EPoS and till system from MHS Group allows all our members to have membership smart cards onto which they can put a monetary value, whenever they want.”

“We’ve been working closely with MHS Group to develop this online top up capability and its integration with our existing membership database and website, so that whenever they need to, any of our members wherever they are and at whatever time it happens to be, can top up their cards.”

Martin concludes, “So if you’re off to a match and it’s the night before, you can still make sure there’s enough money on your card for bar sales. That’s a massive benefit to people with very busy lifestyles.”


Henley RFC’s the lead club for rugby club software development

Martin’s IT background promoted other initiatives for the members, as he explains, “The relationship we have with MHS Group is as their lead rugby club, which means they’re tailoring their software around our club’s needs to deliver further enhancements to our EPoS offering and mobile app.”

Martin summarises, “This will help us to future-proof the club and stay abreast of new opportunities, such as online table booking and menu ordering, pre-match welcome notifications, mobile validity checking for stewards at our gates on match days and so on.”

MHS Group’s managing director Ed Beale adds, “It makes Henley RFC a rugby club for the 21st century, and one that’s really in tune with its members. We are delighted to be working with Henley RFC as part of our aim to deliver the best technology solutions to the wider rugby club marketplace”


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