New Technical Partnership with uCreate

New Technical Partnership with uCreate

MHS Group has entered into a technical partnership agreement with uCreate Ltd for a) the management of new development projects and b) the prioritisation of current and outstanding issues. A key part of their brief is to work with Mark Hesketh to project manage and deliver all the existing updates, new software developments, and ongoing improvements.

The Technical Partnership provides us with a much larger development team: Mark Hesketh – creator of GCGold, Chips and our latest software – and six uCreate developers which is enabling us to resolve existing issues more quickly, alongside making improvements and the new development projects. The uCreate team will also be resolving live issues reported by customers, following intense training by Mark.

Tony, Mark and the uCreate team have designed, produced and delivered a new  development process that covers all software developments, new software, fixes, daily live issues and enhancements to the current platforms. The growth of the development team and the improvements achieved are already speeding up fixes and new software delivery. Committed to growing our presence in the golf and rugby markets, we believe this is the team that will achieve this goal.


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