MHS Group launches beta test of golf club members’ mobile app

With such a high percentage of people in the UK now using mobile technology in either smartphone or tablet form to access information and communicate, we are developing our own mobile app for golf club members. 

This will greatly enhance the relationship between the club and its members, and our goal is to enable your members to find out and do more with our app.

The mobile app is currently being beta-tested by six customer clubs and will form part of our comprehensive technology offering to all our customer clubs. Based on feedback from our customer clubs, it includes everything a member wants to know from their club via their smartphone:

  • Individual club membership details
  • Members’ contact details with privacy settings
  • Financial details, including card account balance and a history of financial transactions via EPoS till with full payment receipts history
  • Handicap details, including current handicap, full handicap history and CONGU Handicap Certificate
  • Club and course diary details, showing tee time availability
  • Competition details, including those that are upcoming, those the member’s entered and the ones they have completed, with individual and full results for each competition
  • Club news, providing news or whatever information the club wants to send to the members via the app using push notification. This can also be segregated so that the club can send news that’s only relevant for specific sections of the club, eg. juniors, ladies, men, veterans, etc.

Once our mobile app is signed off in October, we will be developing two further ‘in app’ features:

  • Online tee time booking
  • Online payments; we are in discussions with a merchant service with the aim of reducing the percentage normally charged to an individual club.

If this is something that you would like to discuss for your club, please contact our Sales Director Mark Thompson on 07801 473916


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