A members' app for web and mobile devices

A native mobile app that delivers all the key personal information instantly to your members. They can also see their personal financial, competition, handicap and membership data as well as receive club communication direct to their mobile device.


Enable members to top-up their card balances online, reducing the queues at your tills at busy periods.

Provides your members with their current balance on their loyalty cards and a full detailed history of monies spent over the last year, reducing queries in the club office.

Encourages your members to top-up their loyalty cards and provide additional revenue and cash into the club.

Enable members to enter and pay for competitions via their mobile devices, improving cash flow.

Provides full membership contact details to all members which can replace the need to print Club Diaries

Provides current and full history of member Handicap records and also provides Member Handicap Certificates

Enables you to send Push Notifications to all, single or groups of members informing them of Course Conditions, Special Offers, Social Activities, Competition and Club Match results

Enhances membership retention as you are providing this valuable app free to the member

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